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WANTED! We have a wonderful team of volunteers who have offered their time to help maintain and care for the outdoor space surrounding Park Cafe & Hub. We need some tools and equipment to help them….so if you have any of the following lying around not being used anymore please get in touch.

You can send us a message on here or email

Garden shears for hedge trimming

Long-handled extendable ratchet loppers

Foldaway pruning saws

Half-moon edging tools

Lawn edging shears

Lawn rakes

Gravel/Tarmac rakes

Branch/twig loppers (Bypass/Anvil types)


Bypass blade secateurs

Garden forks/spades

Hand forks/Hand trowels

Mattock for breaking ground etc

Cornish shovel (or Devonian equivalent!)

Watering cans


Gardening gloves

Stiff yard brooms

Garden hoes